​I can contribute to your organization by:

  • Developing, leading, and empowering financial and data analysis teams

  • Creating effective strategies that drive revenue growth, improve process operations, and ensure repeat business

  • Utilizing strong interpersonal communication skills to cultivate meaningful internal and external working relationships

Q & A

Q: Who are your main influences?

A: My orphaned Grandfather was a self-made man from his undergraduate to  law school degrees to a still-growing law firm back in the Midwest.  The patriarch left quite a legacy entrusted to us; work ethic, practical solutions, frugality and record keeping along with a sense of humor and patience, particularly when dealing with government organizations. 

Q: What is your greatest achievement?

A: That’s personal and private (ha!) but to business and in life, essentially my ‘super powers’ are REGULARLY ‘GTD’ - Getting Things Done!  Accountability, taking ownership, transparency, communication and appreciation are keys to accomplishments; personal to team leadership

Q: What tools do you use?

A: Record keeping is vital. Notes logged in email to handwritten daily accomplishment journals on top of databases with SQL, I use all of the latest technology from ERP’s of Oracle, Sage, SAP, Tableau, Power BI to all MS Office products particularly Excel.  This results in being known for a very low error rate.  Details ensure exacting results.  (Sometimes folks have even accused me of being psychic to having a photographic memory.) 

Q: Why did you choose your profession?

A: I played with an adding machine as a child. 10-keys were fun at Dad’s office. Computer number games on early home computers were fun.  Numbers are finite yet infinite. Put the numbers into money, wow, that was even more fun! $1 + $1 = $2 Always, even if we really would like it to be five bucks! Numbers and data show patterns.  They tell a story. The flow is like music to me.  It fits and makes much more sense with a music undergraduate degree on top of science coupled with a natural curiosity. I have had more enjoyment in finance than I could have ever imagined and am glad I made the decision to leave music for the solid mind-fun.

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: Right now, I'm working on navigating a volatile job market while increasing my skillset; Advanced Excel and SQL refresher courses to going back to learning some programming in Python and R.  

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: The Myers-Briggs tests from graduate school evidence an ENTJ personality.  It’s a natural progression for me from senior management to executive with an organization utilizing my data and finance background, preferably in and around High Tech. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Jones International University

Graduated Magna Cum laude with 4.0 GPA in Finance

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Bachelor of Music (BM) Music Studies & Voice Performance

University of Texas at Austin

  • Seattle Startup Week

  • CannaCon

  • Lean In Seattle

  • New Tech Seattle

  • Seattle Venture Club

  • Various political, non-profit and religious groups

  • Quora.com expert advisor